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Nelson automotive rebrands as Avistud

Global automotive stud welding leader Nelson Automotive has announced a complete rebrand of its business to customers, stakeholders and industry peers.


MOOG® Radically Improves Durability and Performance through Revolutionary Hybrid Core Technology

The steering and suspension components in modern cars are significantly better than those in the year 1919: the engineering, material selection, manufacturing methods, build accuracy and part quality have all changed substantially. Innovation after innovation has spurred on a century of incredible automotive design, production and maintenance. The change is, for the most part, incremental and slow, but occasionally a company invests in ideas that truly demonstrate the scale of the industry’s progress.

Hengst SE

Pure air for road safety Cabin air filters from Hengst ensure a good climate

Hengst offers its customers high-quality cabin air filters in OEM quality. They filter out hazardous particles with a size of more than 3 µm (0.003 mm), as well as allergenic pollen and bad odors, from the air. That is an important contribution to the driver’s well-being and to road safety. Regular replacement of the cabin air filters ensures their long-term effectiveness.


EMC joins the Emitech Group

The Emitech Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and we will be pleased to start 2019 with a new exceptional acquisition, both in terms of size and ambition: EMC France joined the Emitech Group on March 28.


New Goetze® and AE® Catalogues Launched

Catalogues contain over 200 new parts for each brand, significantly enhancing coverage of the European vehicle parc


Leuze electronic demonstrated its safety expertise at the LogiMAT 2019

As a safety expert with many years of experience in conveyor and storage systems, Leuze electronic demonstrated its smart and efficient sensor solutions at the LogiMAT, which took place in Stuttgart from February 19 to 21.



Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of its newest Exlar® brand electric press actuator, the FTP160. The FTP160 is the second frame size of the high-force electric rod-style press actuators and is designed exclusively for press applications.

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