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Exhibitions: TDK spotlights innovations for automotive, robotics, IoT, and information and communication technology at CES 2023

TDK Corporation will showcase more than 30 technology demonstrations and experiences across its component and system solution portfolio for the entire spectrum of electronics applications at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 5th through January 8th. Additionally, TDK plans to release multiple product and partner announcements for its InvenSense brand MEMS sensors throughout the week of the conference.

Exhibitions: TDK spotlights innovations for automotive, robotics, IoT, and information and communication technology at CES 2023
  • TDK joins CES 2023, demoing its component and system solution portfolio in Central Hall - #16181
  • TDK offers multiple demonstrations and experiences for attendees to immerse themselves in the latest solutions within automotive, IoT, renewable energy, robotics, medical, and more

The TDK booth, located in Central Hall - #16181, will feature insight into solutions equipped for e-mobility, ADAS, and autonomous driving, as well as for Industry 4.0 and renewable energy generation. TDK’s experts will also be presenting solutions for robotics, the Internet of Things, information and communication technology, and the metaverse.

Product highlights and demonstrations include:
Mobility, ADAS, & EV

  • ADAS & xEV Passive Components and Sensors: Showcasing the complete range of TDK solutions placed into real-sized PCBs within a simplified automotive design layout
  • InWheelSense™: TDK energy harvesting and self-powered in-wheel/tire sensor system providing high fidelity data directly from the tire and road interface for valuable intelligence for ADAS, autonomous driving, driver and vehicle performance analytics, fleet management, and preventative maintenance
  • SmartAutomotive™: MEMS sensors designed or specifically qualified and tested to support infotainment, telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and other technological features for the automotive market
  • Haptic Actuators: PowerHapt™ for Automotive, offering unrivaled acceleration force and response time
  • Positioning software: RIDE, TRACK, AUTO, and VENUE inertial based positioning solutions that leverage motion sensors and GNSS (GPS) to provide reliable positioning


  • TMR angle sensors with TMR front-end IC: TMR angle sensors optimized for demanding motor control applications with high accuracy and speed requirements
  • RoboKit1: A development platform and reference design for robotics systems, incorporating several sensors, including a 6‑axis IMU, a barometric pressure sensor, a magnetometer, digital I2S microphones, a temperature sensor, and ultrasonic Time of Flight (ToF) sensors for industrial or consumer applications
  • Smarter Robotics: A new liquid stabilization autonomous mobile robot with a real-time stabilization platform that highlights TDK's ability to balance the flow of fluids during delivery


  • i3 Micro Module: The world’s first ultra-compact sensor module featuring embedded edge AI for predictive maintenance applications
  • Migne Sensor: A newly developed highly sensitive, compact magnetic sensor capable of detecting metal fragments smaller than 0.1 ㎜ by applying the technologies it has amassed in the manufacturing of hard disk drive heads
  • Partner demo with NOWI – A new TDK solution developed to provide a complete power block for IoT applications from harvester to storage element – a one-stop-shop solution supported by NOWI IC. Ideal for quick development of IoT applications that aim to be sustainable with a complete power block solution powering ToF sensor including PV panels, energy harvesting PMIC and batteries

Medical & Healthcare

  • SmartEnviro: Miniaturized, ultra-low power MEMS sensor solution for breath monitoring and indoor air quality measurements for healthy living.
  • SmartMotion: Showcasing sensor medical partners: Formsense - Form monitoring apparel for rehabilitation, sports and athlete performance monitoring and exercise analysis. Earable - Brain signal monitoring band (BrainBand) that captures brain signals in conjunction with activity/context awareness of a person to improve personal wellness, enhance sleep and get insightful health metric analytics.
  • CeraPlas®: Cold plasma generator solution for sterilizing and disinfection, used in the development of devices that can inactivate viruses on everyday objects.

Renewable Energy

  • CeraLink®: A family of very compact ceramic capacitors based on PLZT ceramics will be shown in a high-power density bi-directional on-board charger for electric vehicles
  • ESS Lithium-ion Batteries: Reliable, compact, high power constant voltage, constant current programmable power supplies, designed for industrial applications, as well as for residential energy storage systems
  • Power Supplies: New AC-DC power supplies with a broad range of power levels including CUS250M and CUS600M Series of power supplies for industrial and medical applications; DC-DC Converters and Modules including the new highly efficient EZA Series of DC-DC converters


  • Smart glasses: New TDK AR/VR solution featuring a remarkably small color laser module that focuses on a new planar waveguide technology to achieve a module size that is one-tenth the typical size of a space-optics module
  • TDK Virtual World: Displaying an online 3D interactive showroom showcasing TDK’s vision, capabilities, people, and more

Beyond 5G

  • μPOL™: The smallest available Point of load DC-DC converter for applications such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G supplies, and IoT networking
  • Haptic Actuators: PiezoHapt™, the world’s thinnest piezo actuator for haptic feedback, and PowerHap™ which offers unrivaled acceleration force and response time. This is supplemented by sound solutions based on piezoelectric ultrathin PiezoListen™ speakers for sound generation in a wide dynamic range


  • World’s Thinnest Boombox with PiezoListen™: Ultra-thin piezo speakers balance design and functionality by allowing virtually any surface to be turned into a speaker.
  • Smarter Systems with TDK Sensing Solutions: 8 individual sensing solutions for smarter automobiles, wearables, and home IoT devices will be on display at CES. Smarter Systems are more intuitive, energy efficient, and safer for end users

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