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The new nVent SCHROFF 8 slot PXI Express System now available from Foremost Electronics

Foremost Electronics, announces the availability of the new nVent SCHROFF 8 slot PXI Express System which supports PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3 in one chassis for maximum performance flexibility.

The new nVent SCHROFF 8 slot PXI Express System now available from Foremost Electronics

The new PXIe chassis has been designed as a modular concept to make it cost effective and available on short lead-times while providing optimised performance and features PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3 slots to ensure application flexibility. The chassis is designed to fit into any end system with the offering customers the ability to change its size, colour and mechanical layouts. The PXIe Chassis are designed with EMC shielding in accordance with EN 61326-1 class B, ensuring that they meet even the most stringent requirements.

The nVent SCHROFF PXI 5350D System provides seven hybrid-compatible slots for application flexibility. The chassis utilises a single PCI segment with a dedicated PCIe-to-PCI bridge module for the hybrid slots. The PXI specific high accuracy clocks and trigger signals are generated and controlled by an independent clock module attached to the rear side of the backplane. The system is specified for up to 55 °C operating conditions based on the robust cooling and proven mechanical design.

Key features of the new nVent SCHROFF 8 slot PXI Express System include:

  • 1 x 16HP slot and 7 x Full Hybrid peripheral slots.
  • PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3switching with a default four-link (3x4 Gen 3 and 1x1 Gen 2) system slot.
  • Powerful cooling concept with low fan noise and fan speed control.
  • Cooling capacity 50W per slot @ 15K temperature increase.
  • High data bandwidth (max 16 GB/s system and 4 GB/s slot-to-slot.
  • Real panel external 10 MHz clock inputs and outputs.
  • Input voltage range: 100 - 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz, in-line filter with 8A fuse and power switch
  • CE marked.
  • EN 61326-1 EMC Class B (FCC).

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