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Schmalz and CoreTigo Enhance Industrial Vacuum Automation with Innovative Wireless Solutions

This partnership marks a significant leap forward in the industrial automation landscape and brings a new era of enhanced capabilities and seamless wireless real-time control.

Schmalz and CoreTigo Enhance Industrial Vacuum Automation with Innovative Wireless Solutions

The integration of CoreTigo's advanced IO-Link Wireless technology into Schmalz's products showcases the company's commitment to continuous innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction. By eliminating the need for communication cables along robotic arms to the pump, this collaboration brings various benefits, such as ease of use, reduced complexity, improved flexibility, and minimized dress packs, to name a few.

Schmalz is releasing to the industrial market two new wireless products in the near future:

1. SCTSi: A Compact terminal - with blocked compact ejectors for simultaneous, independent handling of different parts with only one vacuum system.

The Compact Terminal SCTSi was demonstrated recently at Automatica as can be seen in this video where the IO-Link Wireless enabled Schmalz Valve island (manifold) is wirelessly controlling in real-time the provided vacuum for the several independent vacuum circuits on the delta robot.

2. ECBPMi - A state-of-the-art Vacuum Generator End-of-Arm Electric vacuum generator in miniature design for dense workpieces.

These products have diagnostics functions for energy and process control. Condition monitoring functionalities enable detailed condition analysis for early fault detection. In addition, systems can be maintained in a predictive manner. The data for this is provided via IO-Link.

The integration of CoreTigo's IO-Link Wireless solutions empowers Schmalz's products with real-time and seamless communication as well as unparalleled control. With the elimination of communication cables, these new offerings significantly reduce the complexity of the industrial setup, providing greater flexibility and ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

"We are delighted to work with CoreTigo to enhance our vacuum automation and handling solutions, "said Michael Wöhrle, Manager of Product Management, Vacuum-Automation at Schmalz. "By leveraging CoreTigo's cutting-edge wireless technology, we can offer our customers a new level of efficiency, ease of use, and operational excellence. This partnership underlines our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Schmalz in revolutionizing industrial vacuum automation”, Said Eran Zigman, CoreTigo CEO. “The fact that IO-Link Wireless was designed specifically for factory automation enables it to be used for real-time control in the most reliable cable-grade manner. This opens up an array of applications that were not possible before for packaging, automotive, logistics, and many more.”

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