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A new frontier in optical measurement for the shopfloor. Welcome Metrios 332!

In the world of machining, every detail counts. Having reliable and accurate instruments in your production process is essential to ensure the quality of your finished products. In response to this need, Metrios measuring systems were born.
A new frontier in optical measurement for the shopfloor. Welcome Metrios 332!

The Metrios range offers a wide choice of models and degrees of accuracy, making it the perfect measurement solution for all types of components: from automotive, aerospace and medical to semiconductors and microcomponents. With Metrios, it is possible to check dozens of dimensions in a matter of seconds with a single program, both single-piece and multi-pieces.

Metrios 332: everything you ever wanted in an optical shopfloor measuring machine.

A new frontier in optical measurement for the shopfloor. Welcome Metrios 332!
Metrios optical measuring machine for measurement in the shop floor

The new Metrios 332 optical measuring machine was born from the need to meet the demand of all component manufacturers who do not want to give up the precision guaranteed by multi-sensor machines, but who at the same time seek the speed and simplicity that only modern measuring systems can offer.
Metrios 332 represents the perfect synthesis of all these features, combining ease of use, speed, completeness, and precision in a single compact and powerful solution built for operating on the shop floor.

All the details of the new Metrios model: advanced features for optimal performance.

A 300x300 mm X-Y measuring range and a generous 200 mm part passage: a wide measuring range combined with high part passage enables the Metrios 332 system to measure a wide range of parts, offering unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

Hold parts up-to 20 kg on the stage: a high load capacity on the stage allows even heavier parts to be placed on the working area.

A wide-field sensor detects the parts on the stage and measures them at maximum speed: achieve fast and reliable results thanks to the new sensor that detects the parts on the stage and measures the required dimensions in a matter of seconds.

A ultra-high magnification sensor for uncompromising accuracy: the new ultra-high magnification sensor can detect points in X-Y-Z even on the smallest details.

A unique comprehensive lighting system: this shields from environmental light and ensures accurate and reliable measurement results even on the most difficult-to-detect surfaces.

Metrios 332 measurement system represents a breakthrough in the metrology industry, thanks to its ability to combine the simplicity and speed of automatic optical measurement, with the completeness and accuracy of multi-sensor machines directly in the production environment. It is, therefore, an indispensable tool for workshops and manufacturers who want to maintain high quality standards and be always competitive in the market.

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Why choosing a Metrios measuring machine?

Metrios brand was born from the experience developed through well-established partnerships in the manufacturing sector, which over time have allowed us to identify alternative solutions to traditional mechanical measuring instruments to best meet the needs of each individual manufacturer.
Metrios optical measuring machines represent the evolution of manual measuring systems and guarantee the user an important reduction in costs and material waste.
Investing in an optical measuring machine enables all companies to optimize productivity and assures manufacturers the best profits from reduced waste.

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