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Ams Osram Presents SYNIOS P 2222: New Standard Platform For Automotive Signaling

Simply ideal for standard Rear Combination Lamps (RCLs) as well as for state-of-the-art car body lighting applications.
Ams Osram Presents SYNIOS P 2222: New Standard Platform For Automotive Signaling

With its SYNIOS® P 2222 LEDs, ams OSRAM has expanded its powerful and reliable SYNIOS® product family that is well known for its high reliability, low thermal resistance and outstanding brightness. From now on, the company thus offer their customers an even broader spectrum of options for creating innovative automotive lighting solutions.

SYNIOS® P 2222 is the new standard platform for automotive signal components in the low/medium power range that seamlessly complements the SYNIOS® P 2720 LEDs for the medium/high power range from ams OSRAM. For the SYNIOS® P 2222 LEDs with medium wattage (0.5W), C samples are already available and the company will launch low-wattage versions on the market in the near future.

Thanks to its low footprint and the reduced height of its QFN housing, the SYNIOS® P 2222 requires significantly less installation space than conventional PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) components, making it a perfect choice for reducing costs and at the same time enhancing flexibility. In addition, its reduced footprint enables a higher component density while providing more design freedom, without any compromise in terms of performance.

The platform approach, as well as future low-power additions, focus on simplifying redesign, thus enabling modifications to existing designs without any problem. The different power classes can be swapped among each other without any need to modify the housing dimensions: for this, brighter or darker LEDs can be used with the same board layout.

All the relevant saturated and converted colors required for signaling applications are now available for each package. Thanks to this cutting-edge platform approach, customers benefit from the easy handling of the SYNIOS® P 2222. The new product family stands out due to its robustness, reliability and cost efficiency.

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