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Testing Steer-By-Wire Systems With Test Benches From Vector and MdynamiX

Vector Informatik and MdynamiX are now jointly offering test benches for steer-by-wire or conventional steering systems.
Testing Steer-By-Wire Systems With Test Benches From Vector and MdynamiX
Steering HIL from Vector and MdynamiX.

Vector contributes its expertise in residual bus and vehicle dynamics simulation as well as realtime hardware. MdynamiX test bench components provide the finest steering feel feedback and capture objective key performance indicators (KPIs). The result is a compact and modular steer-by-wire test system that covers a wide range of requirements in a tabletop size.

The joint steering test bench is based on a pilot customer project. The steering test system integrates only standard out-of-the-box components from Vector and MdynamiX for software and hardware. In addition, a brake HIL was set up for the customer within a few weeks. The engineering teams confirm that the components work together smoothly from the start. To build on this success, there are now a number of joint activities. For example, Vector recently hosted a "Meet the Experts" customer event that was well attended by interested parties from the Stuttgart area.

Peter Pfeffer, Managing Director of MdynamiX, and Heiner Hild, Head of HIL Test Systems at Vector, also met here. Heiner Hild is convinced: "Our software and hardware are known for their reliability right from the start. We can offer the customer a sleek, modular, and user-friendly system for steer-by-wire and other steering and braking systems that works perfectly with the MdynamiX test benches". Peter Pfeffer adds: "The successful partnership between Vector and MdynamiX in the development of steer-by-wire test benches reflects our shared commitment to innovation and quality. The high performance of the HIL steering and braking test benches embodies our vision of creating innovative solutions through synergies".

CANoe is used as standard in many companies for ECU testing. Together with the modular Vector VT System hardware, it forms a flexible realtime test system that can be easily configured via a uniform interface. Integrated in CANoe are the Vector vehicle dynamics simulation DYNA4, the residual bus simulation, the test automation, and the control of the MXsteerCon test bench control via EtherCAT. The MXsteerAct rack actuator of the steering dynamometer applies the forces calculated from the vehicle simulation to the test specimen and is also controlled by MXsteerCon, as is the steering angle actuator. This setup can be used for conventional steering systems as well as for steer-by-wire systems, or similarly for brake systems by adapting the interfaces. "The systems are already being used by the first customers with a positive response. There is a clear need for additional test benches," says Heiner Hild from Vector with confidence.

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