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ElectroCraft, Inc. Expands the MobilePower™ Product Offering with the MPW Series

ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded their MobilePower™ traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86. The MobilePower™ Wheel-Drive (MPW) features a high torque-density brushless DC motor with an integrated single-stage planetary gearbox and wheel drive assembly.


The secret service

Glow plug control units are the often-forgotten service item, according to ignition specialist Champion®, and component ill-health can often go undiagnosed. We spoke with the specialist to better understand the issue…


Nelson automotive rebrands as Avistud

Global automotive stud welding leader Nelson Automotive has announced a complete rebrand of its business to customers, stakeholders and industry peers.


MOOG® Radically Improves Durability and Performance through Revolutionary Hybrid Core Technology

The steering and suspension components in modern cars are significantly better than those in the year 1919: the engineering, material selection, manufacturing methods, build accuracy and part quality have all changed substantially. Innovation after innovation has spurred on a century of incredible automotive design, production and maintenance. The change is, for the most part, incremental and slow, but occasionally a company invests in ideas that truly demonstrate the scale of the industry’s progress.

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