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Fraunhofer News

Realistic lab tests for e-vehicle batteries

Thorough testing is paramount to the safety and reliability of the batteries that power electric vehicles. However, the lab tests conducted to date have been anything but realistic. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new type of testing environment that combines physical components with mathematical simulations of vehicles. This setup is the first to enable lab trials under real-world conditions.

ZF News

ZF Aftermarket expands its range of electronically controlled dampers significantly

With around 28 million units produced, the CDC system is one of the most widely used electronic chassis systems for passenger cars. In order to provide workshops with the best possible support for maintenance work on vehicles with CDC dampers, ZF Aftermarket is expanding its offering in this area. The extended product range includes Sachs CDC spare parts for mid-size and compact cars, in conjunction with many new additions from the luxury class. These high-tech shock absorbers offer an attractive opportunity for workshops as there are currently no low-quality replacement parts available.

Fraunhofer News

Plastic camshaft module reduces CO2 emissions

Plastic in cars reduces their weight. Currently, however, camshaft modules, which are a key component of powertrains, are still being made from aluminum. Now a research team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT, in collaboration with their partners, has succeeded in manufacturing a camshaft module from fiber-reinforced thermoset polymers. This lightweight design element helps lower engine weight and reduces assembly costs. It is currently available as a functional demonstrator.

Continental News

Prizewinning Brand Identity: Vitesco Technologies Scores Double Win in Automotive Brand Contest

In the prestigious Automotive Brand Contest 2020 design competition, Vitesco Technologies has scooped not one award for its all-new brand identity but two: The company was named a winner in both the “Brand Design” and “Digital” categories. In October 2019, the Powertrain division of Continental AG became an independent company under a new name. Since then, with an entirely new brand and its own brand values, Vitesco Technologies has been pursuing a sustainable strategy centered on electrified drivetrains.

Huber+Suhner News

Huber+suhner Unveils The Most Versatile High Voltage Distribution Solution For Electric Vehicles

HUBER+SUHNER, a leading global supplier of electrical and optical connectivity solutions, has today launched the latest off-the-shelf High Voltage Distribution solution for every type of electric vehicle (EV) – the modular High Voltage Distribution Unit (mHVDU). Managing up to 800 Volts DC, the mHVDU is the leading solution in the EV industry and the most effective in cases of extreme usage in harsh environments.

Valeo News

Valeo wins 2020 PACE* Award for its XtraVue(TM) Trailer, an innovation that makes trailers “invisible”

Valeo has won a 2020 PACE* Award for the Valeo XtraVue(TM) Trailer, the world’s first system enabling drivers to “see through” the trailer or caravan they are towing. This unique and innovative driving assistance technology makes towing objects simpler and safer for drivers.

Porsche news

Seven-speed manual transmission and a host of new equipment options

A seven-speed manual transmission can now be ordered for all 911 Carrera S and 4S models at no extra cost in European and related markets. It is an alternative to the standard eight-speed PDK transmission.

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